Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that our students have a holistic understanding of the subjects that they’re taught. We strongly believe that a really comprehensive education must include an experiential understanding and therefore our classes regularly include activities that extend beyond the classroom.

These include a variety of programs such as field trips to study the practical implications of topics that they’re taught in their classrooms, project work that requires students to go beyond their textbooks and develop research skills, science and art exhibitions where they create and present projects and much more.

Some – among the many – notable activities that have been conducted recently include:

  • GYAAN – a highly successful school-wide exhibition where students showcased their interests in science, art and social sciences through carefully thought out and professionally presented practical projects that they created themselves.
  • Field trips to the local harbour for our environmental management class to better understand the working of fisheries and their contributions to the local environment and business.
  • A mock business, set-up by a batch of our economics students – to practically experience the concepts of profit and loss that they’d been learning.