The Kings School began as a home school at Elizabeth and Jacob K. Mathai’s residence in 1998 – with the simple goal of providing quality pre-school education for their son Joel and niece Sara.

Using Letterland – an internationally acclaimed phonic system – to teach her first students, Elizabeth was excited at seeing their rapid progress. Learning became fun and rewarding for the children as well as their parents!

Seeing the remarkable progress, other parents began requesting admission and soon out of a passion to see children develop and excel, ’The King’s Kindergarten’ was born in June 1999.

A few years later in 2003, the school management decided to expand and develop the kindergarten into a fully-fledged school and was registered under the ‘The King’s Educational Trust’. This was in response to receiving a clear vision from the Lord while simultaneously witnessing a growing demand from their own parents. Eventually the school became affiliated to Cambridge University and became a Cambridge International Centre.

From being a 2 student home-school to becoming a distinguished higher secondary school with over 900 students and over 122 staff, The King’s School has come a long way and we look excitedly towards the future.