Life at King's

The King’s School and The King’s Kindergarten are currently functioning as separate campuses, both located in Kottiyam, Kollam.

In both campuses, we’ve endeavoured to create environments with world-class facilities that foster a high level of learning and holistic development.

Our Kindergarten campus is located just off the main junction in Kottiyam and is home to our Play class, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten.

The campus and it’s facilities create a fun and safe learning environment for our young students, with the classrooms specifically designed for multi-sensory stimulation. Our classrooms have also been equipped with smart boards to aid our teachers during classes and stocked with play items for the students to play with during indoor game-time, while the outdoor-game time is held in our campus’ very own outdoor play park!

Our main campus is located 12kms from the Kollam city-centre, on the NH47– the main arterial road in southern Kerala. It is a beautiful 6.11-acre campus surrounded by natural greenery and facing an expansive water body – which makes for a very picturesque sight. The campus is home to our primary, junior, high and senior school.

The campus contains a host of high-end facilities, which are being added to every year. Here are some of its salient features:

  • Classrooms: Our classrooms are well ventilated and spacious. This, along with our optimal student-teacher ratio ensures that our classrooms are never crowded – allowing for plenty of space for each student, creating an ideal learning environment. Each grade also has access to a smartboard that can be utilised to use audio-visual aids in learning.
  • Labs: We have fully-equipped, best-in-town labs for each of the science departments (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), as well as high-end, air-conditioned ICT labs for each school section – these, are also ‘smart-lab’ equipped.
  • Library: You’ll find our most avid readers make frequent visits to our well-stocked and ever-growing library, which has its own audio-visual collection and internet facilities. Fun fact: we’ll soon be adding an e-book section as well!
  • Sports Grounds: Having a 6.11 acre campus has blessed us with the ability to have well-equipped sports training facilities for athletics, football, cricket, volleyball, badminton and roller skating.
  • Assembly Hall: Our large, indoor assembly hall also doubles as a venue for the many performances and events we regularly conduct at The King’s School.
  • Medical Unit: With the safety of our students our utmost priority, we have a fully stocked medical unit with bedding that is manned by a full-trained medical nurse. We have also ensured that a majority of our teachers are trained in first-aid applications.
  • Transportation: Our fleet of school buses are kept up-to-date with all safety regulations and are GPS tracked to ensure the security and well-being of our students.

King's Clubs

We strongly believe that extra-curricular activities are necessary for a well-rounded educational experience and contribute greatly towards the development of individuals. To this end, we’ve ensured that our students have access to a wide range of activities to foster their interests and help them discover and develop new skills. Our clubs are conducted once a week and have been included in our weekly timetable – ensuring that all our students are involved in extracurricular activities. While we are constantly looking for new activities to add to the list, our current line-up includes:
Public Speaking & Debate
Sports Clubs
(Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis & Badminton)

Events and Competitions

Events are never in short supply at The King’s School, and we’re constantly looking to innovate and create new platforms for our students to showcase their extra-curricular talents and develop important social skills.

Having adopted a four House System, a steady feature of every year is the race to the House Championship with multiple competitions contributing to the final tally of points. Through these, we’re able to foster an understanding of healthy competition, learning how to win gracefully and lose graciously while also developing leadership and team-building skills.

Some of the main highlights in our events calendar include:

  • The School Day: An elaborate affair that happens every two years, where our students put on a show for the town – showcasing their talent in dance, music, drama and more.
  • Jamboree: Our other showcase event taking place every alternate year – where our campus turns into a funfair that can rival the best Kollam has to offer.
  • Talent and Sports Fests: Two large mainstay competitions that have stuck on with the school since its inception, regularly displaying the heights of team spirit and camaraderie.
  • Drama Festival: A series of days showcasing the acting calibre of our budding actors and actresses.
  • Festive Celebrations for Christmas, Onam, Independence Day
  • Seminars/Talks by industry experts that are both insightful and entertaining
  • House Competitions like our Quizzes and Spelling Bees
  • School Excursions – which are students countdown the days too!

We also regularly send our students to inter-school competitions, giving them opportunities to interact with other environments and test their skills with the best in the region. These range from Athletic Meets and Football Games to Quizzes and Model United Nations – and we’ve returned with our fair share of triumphs!

Community Outreach

Helping develop empathy and compassion in our students is a priority at The King’s School. The importance of this cannot be understated and so we have made sure that our students are actively involved in social impact programs to aid communities that need it the most.

We’ve been incredibly proud to have witnessed how our students have responded to the call and taken on causes as their own – rallying to fundraise, donate and spread awareness for those less privileged than they are.

This is firmly a part of the identity of the school – and will always continue to be.